Innova Wedding Albums

Beginning in January, I stopped offering Kiss Albums.  While Kiss Albums are beautiful albums, I was not happy with the limited options they had for my clients.  I found the "simplicity" to be limited, especially in cover design.  Therefore, I did some research, and discovered Albums Innova!

Albums Innova specializes in creating beautiful, handmade digital-style albums.  These albums are less expensive than the Queensberry line of albums that I offer, and will showcase your wedding day photos beautifully!  Located right here in Houston, TX, Albums Innova offers great “bank for your buck.”  They offer high quality leather covers, with several cover options to choose from, and a quick turn around.  You will not be disappointed by these gorgeous, custom albums!

Here are some shots of one of my studio sample albums.










Kiss Wedding Albums

Chris Bailey Photography no longer offers Kiss Wedding Albums, in its place Innova Albums may be custom ordered.

In addition to the Queensberry line of albums, I also offer Kiss Wedding Albums.  Kiss is located here in the US, and offer high quality, hand crafted albums, with one thing in mind...SIMPLICITY!  Their philosophy?  Create gorgeous, simple albums, without all of the “gimmicks,” and let your beautiful wedding day photos shine!  These beautiful, handmade albums are made with 100% full-grain, natural leathers, and are offered in magazine style (digital) pages only.

Pages are printed on Fuji Crystal Archical Paper, so your photos will pop from the pages, and will last a lifetime 


These albums are made to lay flat when open, which is really nice and convenient when you are looking through your album.


Also, the pages are not cut down the middle at the spine, so we are able to take maximum advantage of the page space when designing the album.  As you can see in the photo above, this is really nice when we have a photo that we'd like to print really large, across both pages!

 The inside of both the front and back covers of all Kiss books do not have images (as seen above).


 As with any albums that I offer, layouts are fully customizable.  That means that we can create an album that is perfectly unique, and that compliments your wedding story and style.

Because Kiss is located here in the US, there is a faster turn-around for their albums.  Once we have placed the order, they guarantee a 15-day turn around.

Kiss has recently added some new products to their line, including the "Little Kissers."  These small, 4X4" leather albums are just miniature versions of their larger albums--same quality and style.  These small albums can be nice to have for parents or family, or just as a little album to keep at home or at the office.

Also new to their line are "Soft Kisses."  These less expensive, "soft" albums have pages that are thinner, and have linen covers instead of the leather.  I haven't checked these guys out yet, but I plan to soon.

Kiss Albums are guaranteed for life, so if you have any problems, they will repair or replace the album at no cost.  Their stated return rate reflects their high quality...less than .05%!

If you have any questions regarding Kiss Albums, please send me an email or give me a call, and I'd be happy to answer any questions.  As always, seeing these albums in person is always best, as the computer won't do them complete justice.

Queensberry Albums

Queensberry's 12X12" Feature Album (left) with chocolate leather and standard square photo cover motif with text.  Queensberry's 8X8" Parent Album (right), with silk cover and standard square photo cover motif with text.


I've now been working with Queensberry albums for about a year, and am continually impressed with the incredibly beautiful albums they make.  Their customer service has been absolutely wonderful, as well.

Started in 1969, Queensberry Albums has set the standard to which all other albums are compared.  Queensberry albums are handmade in New Zealand, and offer the highest quailty, fully customizable albums on the market.

In this post I'll be offering brief descriptions about Queensberry and the albums they offer, and will have some photos of some sample albums that I have created.  If you have any questions, or are interested in an album, please let me know, and we can set up a time for you to come look at the albums in person.  Photos and descriptions don't do justice to these marvelous books! :)

Queensberry offers a ton of cover materials to choose from, including genuine leathers, silks, suedes, buckrams and more.  They also offer both digital/magazine style and matted pages for their albums, as well as a "Duo" album, which allows for a blend of the digital and matted styles.

Album design is done in a great software program developed by Queensberry called Photojunction.  Photojunction makes it easy to create and edit beautiful layouts for your album, and streamlines the ordering process.  It is a wonderful piece of software, even when used to layout albums that will be printed by other album companies.

Page from pagemount matted style album, with vellum title page folded over to the left.  Queensberry offers two styles of matted albums, the overlay and the pagemount.  Overlay style pages do not reveal any of the page backing, white pagemount style pages reveal a sliver of the page backing.  You can choose your page backing color for the pagemount style pages.


As you can see, the pagemount style pages reveal the page backing, which in this album was the mist color.  Matte color show is Ivory.

Queensberry allows fully customizable layouts, which means that we can design an album that is perfectly tailored to your wedding story.  No fixed templates that limit creativity!

We can create custom layouts that use as much or as little of the page as you'd like.  This allows us to create layouts that are tailored to your wedding story.

Proof layouts can be easily emailed, or we can set up a session to view the layouts in the studio, on our computer screens, and discuss and apply any changes we see fit.

Queensberry has a full service color lab, and does a beautiful job printing your photos in a fully color-calibrated environment.  Your photos will shine!


Being able to fully customize each page allows us to be creative!  Here's one take on the bouquet toss!


Standard sizes for my studio are the 12X12" Feature Album and the 8X8" Parent Album.  However, Queensberry offers many other sizes, and does not have to be square.

Queensberry's 8X8" Parent Album.

Title pages are the first page when you open the book, and come standard with any Queensberry album (it is optional, however).  Title pages can either be printed on a transparent vellum, as seen in the second photo from this post, folded over, or can be matted onto the first side of the album, as shown below.  Title pages can include the bride and groom's names, surname initial, and wedding day details.


I'll be posting again soon about Queensberry's digital/magazine style albums, and will have some photos of a beautiful album that I recently designed for a client.

Also to come, I'll be posting about Kiss Wedding Books, another album supplier that my studio offers.