A quick shout out to a job well done by Point2Point Movers


About a month ago my wife and I moved into our first house.  We are very excited to have some more space and a yard for  Georgia, our 90 pound dog.  I have some space to print and work in at home, which is very nice because I recently bought an Epson 9900 printer!  It is HUGE...the printer itself is over 70" long, and it can print giant 44" wide prints!  I've wanted to own one of these for a long time, as much of my personal photography work is taken with large format cameras, and I enjoy being able to print large prints full of rich detail.  To my wife's joy, this monster printer wouldn't fit upstairs where I office, so it now lives in our back room!  Thank you, sweetie!  Luckily it goes really well with all sorts of furniture... ; )

Anyhow, the real reason I'm posting is to give a shout out to the moving company that we used, Point2Point (http://www.point2pointmoving.com/).  An old friend of mine and my wife, John Shaeffer, opened this business after graduating from UT, and they are the most professional, careful and efficient movers I've ever worked with.  The movers were extremely friendly and trustworthy, and we were so impressed with them.

They did an awesome job transferring my new printer.  I was very concerned about handling this machine.  It weighs several hundred pounds, and must remain absolutely level during transport (otherwise the ink could spill and require an expensive clean).  The Point2Point movers were so careful, and did a wonderful job.  They treated the printer (and all of our other things) as if they were their own.  If they can handle this beast of a printer, and move it perfectly, they can handle anything!

Point2Point does a lot of work with designers here in Houston, so they have a great reputation, and know how to handle anything, from cheap to very expensive, fragile to rugged.  After they left we walked through the house and there wasn't a single mark on the walls...they were so careful and respectful.  And, one more plus...they are priced very competitively!

Thanks, John for an awesome and easy move.  We will certainly be recommending you to everyone we know.  Here is their website again:  http://www.point2pointmoving.com/

Here's the beast...