Anna and Luke's Wedding

I had so much fun photographing Anna and Luke on their wedding day.  I knew Luke from The University of Texas, where we were both Texas Cowboys together.  When he gave me a call last year and told me that he and his fiance, Anna, were interested in my photography, I was really honored and excited.  I've really enjoyed getting to know Anna better.  She and Luke are both a lot of fun to be around, and are wonderful people.

One of the things I really like about my job is that I get to meet family!  I get to sit down with the bride and groom, hear about the wedding and plan all of the photography.  And through it all, and of course on the wedding day, I get to witness all of the family together, interacting on such and important and exciting day.  Often times people wonder about the stress...they want to know if I've seen dramatic things come up because of the stress of the day.  But that's never happened.  It has always been a beautiful thing, a sweet interaction between father and daughter, son and mother, etc.  I think it is very neat that I am able to witness this, to capture it in photographs.  It is extra special when I know the bride and groom well, like I do Anna and Luke.

Anyhow, Anna and Luke had a beautiful wedding.  They married at First United Methodist Church in downtown Austin, then shuttled over to The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum! All I can say is how cool!  The museum looked awesome, the lighting was spectacular, and the band was superb, to say the least.  Anna and Luke got to dine with Bob himself (see photo below, "God Bless Texas.").  And the Texas Cowboys cannon sat peacefully outside (unfortunately we didn't get to hear it sound).

Anna and Luke pulled away in a classic car, with the state capitol behind them.  It was a wonderful night.  Hope you enjoy the photos.