Santa Fe At Last!

Well, after two long days of traveling, I'm finally here!  And man, it's good!  Santa Fe is so beautiful, and there is so much I love about spending time here.  The food, the weather, the beautiful scenery everywhere, all of the different people, the art...I'm lucky to be spending some time here this week!

I've come for Katie and Patrick's wedding, which will be held this weekend at the El Encantado Resort.  It is going to be absolutely stunning.  I've come early to take some tintypes of Katie and Patrick.  We've got a shoot early tomorrow in a little town south of Santa Fe called Lamy.  Back in the day you used to have to come through Lamy to catch the train into Santa Fe.  There is an old bar called the Legal Tender, and the train station still runs trips into Santa Fe.  I'm looking forward to a fun morning of photographs tomorrow!

I'll try and post some throughout the week with photographs.  Thought I'd share some from tonight (see below).  I had plans of heading south of town tonight towards Galisteo for sunset, but when I got to my room after spending all day on the road, I decided getting back in the car to drive again was not what I needed to do!  Instead I got settled, then grabbed my camera and headed out to walk around town.  Ended up finding a cool live music concert on the square.  Listened to some music and watched as the light got better and better.  It was wonderful.  Then headed over to the Coyote Cafe for dinner, and ate on the rooftop.  The sunset was incredible.  The whole time while I was eating and watching the sun set, I was feeling guilty that I didn't hit the road to photograph in Galisteo.  O well, more beautiful sunsets to come.

After dinner I returned to my room to find two musicians playing a violin and cello on the street outside my window.  How pleasant that I get to open my windows and listen to them as I write this post. 

Time to rest.  I look forward to a beautiful morning of tintypes and photos with Katie and Patrick tomorrow.



This is how I arrived to my room.  The door was lit up beautifully by the sun.  What a wonderful way to be welcomed.