Incendiary-Washington Post Article

My brother has co-directed a documentary film, and it is getting a lot of press and attention right now.  Not only because it is a great film, but also because it deals with an arson case that put a man on death row.  He was executed, but it seems perhaps for a crime that he did not committ.  Rick Perry had an important role in the case, and because of his recent presidential run, this has helped boost national interest in the case and in the film.

The film, Incendiary has been showing in Austin, at the Violet Crown, and opens in Washington D.C. this weekend.  The film will open in NYC the weekend of October 7th, then will travel to Dallas, TX the weekend of October 14th.  After Dallas, the film opens in LA November 18th.   If you haven't seen it, check it out.  It is very interesting, and extremely well done.  Incendiary is already an award winning film!

My brother emailed me a couple of days ago with this link to the Washington Post website, where their movie (and my photo!) was featured in an article.  Nothing like riding the coat tails of your famous brother!  You can check out the article and photo here.  And don't forget to check out the film if you can.  Click here for Incendiary's website, where you can find information about the film and showings.